Here are some testimonials from people who know these candidates:

I have known John Skiptunas for many years. He is an excellent family man as well as a person who is always willing to help others in need. His involvement with the Lima Rotary and a Past President has proven his leadership skills and his commitment to the Lima community. He brings new ideas and yet he is always willing to listen to others. I know he will make an excellent Village of Lima Trustee. That is why I am supporting him in the upcoming Village of Lima Elections, I hope you will also.        ––  PETE YENDELL, Former Mayor and Supervisor

For the last seven years I have come to know Josh Petraitis as dependable, well-rounded, considerate, thoughtful, passionate, and smart. Whether we are working to keep Scouting alive in Lima, plan events for the community, or provide service to others, Josh brings fresh ideas and gives himself completely to the cause. The Village will benefit greatly from his eagerness to make Lima flourish.   — JEANA SANSOCIE, village resident; Troop 4029 Committee chair.

I began to know John Skiptunas as he served as Lima Rotary President. John always had creative ideas as to how to grow the Club. Punctual, servant-minded, John attributed these and other qualities while at the same time, never made one to feel as though they didn’t “measure up”.  I liked this. It was quite impressive how soon John and Trinika began to bring change to Lima, not long after their move here from Texas.  Numerous times, John offered his services to me personally, knowing that as a home-owner, challenges always come.  “If you need something, call me!”  And I knew John meant it. As John serves Lima, I’m persuaded he will give 100%.    — BEN DODZWEIT,  Helimission International

I have known Josh Petraitis for over 5 years. We have worked together in a variety of ways throughout those years – developing the youth ministry of our church, leading teams on two international mission trips, planning and executing multiple large community events, and serving as campus leaders at Elim Gospel Church. Josh is faithful, dependable, and skilled in a wide variety of ways. He is a man of character and integrity who truly cares for this community. I know he will put in the hard work necessary to develop Lima and to bring positive change to the families who live here!   — GREG FALCO, Family Pastor at Elim Gospel Church